Objective of this Role

Voltpanda Pvt Ltd is going to become one of the leading EV Ecosystems for India and World. We are taking a platform approach to combine hardware and software to build the best solutions. We know the opportunity in Ev’s as a consumer internet opportunity and are visualising how to build a complete EV cradle to grave ecosystem.

We require a full time Embedded Hardware and R&D Team having minimum experience of 2+ years. Candidates will be involved in end to end product development mostly working on EV Charger circuit and High Speed Board Design, Testing Validation, and support for certification. Candidates must have Bachelor Degree or Master Degree in EEE and Power Electronic, ECE.

  • Working closely with all the other team members both R&D team members (Like Systems, Verification, Norm compliance etc..) and cross functional stakeholders (Like Service, Quality, Regulatory, Marketing, Clinical etc…) for the projects.
  • Work closely with the team for implementation of security and data protection for charging devices.
  • Work on an end to end process from designing, developing and deploying cloud based systems.
  • Working with the managers to connect hardware and software together with based suits protocols.
  • Working on firmware development for hardware for connectivity and management of charging devices.
  • Work on innovative ideas and concepts to make the hardware and software more robust for users as well as for the company.
  • Familiar with a variety of microcontrollers including Microchip, TI, NXP, and ARM-based embedded processors.
  • Experience in Power Electronics and Hardware design process for automotive products.
  • Experience with electrical/electronic components used in motor Controller, Instrument cluster, BCM, telematics HW design and development.
  • Design experience in handling EMI/EMC concerns for automotive standards.
  • Experience with high current power semiconductors (IGBT's, MOSFETs, Diodes), gate drive and protection circuit design.
  • Experience in the selection and use of microcontrollers and programmable logic devices and their peripheral circuitry (signal conditioning, board-level power supplies).
  • Good understanding of PSPICE analog simulation.
  • Knowledge of Software Development in C/C++, Python, JavaScript, NodeJS, JSON, MQTT and REST API.
  • Knowledge of wired communication protocol TCP/IP, OCPP, RS-232 and ES-485.
  • Knowledge of Wireless Communication Protocol Wifi, ZigBee-Wave, RF and Bluetooth.
  • Candidates must have good English communication skills - both written and oral.
  • Self-motivated, team player with the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
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