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The Opportunity to transform

“Cleaner, greener, and now better. Fueling imagination by sustainable transportation.”

Voltpanda started as a business with a cause with a focus on sustainability. Our mission from the beginning was the development of EV infrastructure to incorporate sustainability in the Indian automobile industry. Our extensive research shows huge scope and area of growth for the EV in the coming years, especially in high-density population areas. We will provide various services to the customers including a charging system, cab facilities, EV rentals, and volt solar.


Targeting 6 lakh ev chargers by 2025 with the help of govt.

Currently, India has a total of


operational public EV chargers

100% electric taxi service by 2022

In India, it is the third most CO2 emitting sector, and within the transport sector, road transport contributed more than 90% of total CO2 emissions

(IEA, 2020; Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change, 2018).

Solar energy solutions

By going solar, we can reduce the demand for fossil fuels, limit greenhouse gas emissions, and shrink our own carbon footprint.

VoltPanda Foundation

Plant a Tree Plant a Life
Do not only plant but nature 50 Lakh trees by 2025
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