Objective of this Role

Voltpanda Pvt Ltd is going to become one of the leading EV Ecosystems for India and World. We are taking a platform approach to combine hardware and software to build the best solutions. We know the opportunity in Ev’s as a consumer internet opportunity and are visualising how to build a complete EV cradle to grave ecosystem.

The digital landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and Voltpanda Pvt Ltd remains on the cutting edge with innovative website designs. We’re looking for a skilled back end developer to join our team of creators consistently raising the bar on user experiences. Working behind the scenes, the ideal candidate has a unique blend of technical expertise and insatiable curiosity, with a methodical, analytical mindset. You should be comfortable working alongside a team as well as independently in the design and development of mission-critical websites, applications, and layers of the infrastructure. Experience with Node Js, Php, JavaScript, Microsoft Azure, GCP, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Git, or MongoDB is helpful to succeeding quickly in this role. Our back end developers have an immediate effect on our business success, as well as the success of our Project.

  • Regularly communicate with stakeholders, project managers, quality assurance teams, and other developers regarding progress on the long-term technology roadmap.
  • Create and maintain workflows with teams to provide visibility and to ensure workload balance for consistent visual designs.
  • Develop and oversee testing schedules in client server environment, addressing all browsers and devices to ensure various devices display the desired content.
  • Produce quality code, raising the bar for the whole team on quality and speed.
  • Recommend system solutions by comparing advantages and disadvantages of custom development and purchase alternatives.
  • Write code and tests, build prototypes, solve issues, profile and analyse bottlenecks.
  • Design perform, robust APIs to support mobile and desktop clients
  • Manage and optimise scalable distributed systems on the cloud.
  • Optimization of web applications for performance and scalability.
  • Develop automated tests to ensure business needs are met and allow for regression testing.
  • Computer science degree or equivalent experience of more than 3+ year
  • Excellent foundation in computer science, algorithms, and web design.
  • Experience writing highly secure web applications.
  • Growth mindset, challenging status quo to find new solutions and out-of-the-box ideas.
  • Experience designing RESTful APIs, specifically for mobile apps. Should have solid experience in API Background and PostGres SQL.
  • Good understanding on NodeJS asynchronous runtime.
  • Good understanding on JS concepts on callbacks and closures.
  • Experience in debugging issues related to memory leaks.
  • Experience in building highly scalable and high throughput services with sub second response times.
  • Should have exposure to CI/CD Process.
  • Experience leading a team.
  • Understanding the nature of asynchronous programming and its quirks and workarounds.
  • Good to have knowledge on Docker containers, Kubernetes, Express Js, HapiJs, RabbitMQ, Javascript, Data Structure, Algorithms, API, MY SQOL/NO SQL/ Mongo DB.
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